Folding Concrete - Building Blocks of the Future
Folding Concrete - Building Blocks of the Future

 Internationally known designer and architect Dror Benshetrit was puttering around in his workshop one day in 2006 (as people with creative minds like to do) when he came across an intriguing geometry. Four L-shaped pieces, Dror found, could be joined together in a way that the pieces could lie flat against each other or be folded out to form a structural support. Fascinated by its flexibiilty, stackability and interlocking capability, he eventually dubbed his discovery QuaDror.

This may be the biggest invention since that long-standing, still-universal staple of the construction industry: the red clay brick. A single identical unit, multiplied by four, forms a rigid structural element – stack these and set them side by side, and you have nothing short of a material revolution.
Think: Buckminster Fuller domes for the 21st Century. Uniform in shape and size, each pair expands outward to provide stability like  a conventional building block – they are symmetrical on both sides, but joined together are beyond tough to topple.
Watch the video to fully see how these function!
Architects                              : Dror Benshetrit 
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