Recycled Paper Objects by Materials Immaterial Lab
Recycled Paper Objects by Materials Immaterial Lab
Material Immaterial Lab has designed these unconventional pieces of art out of papier-mâché using form and textures inspired from nature and looks more like discoveries from unchartered jungles and rain forests.  These pieces turn into elegant light fittings and furniture.The organic shapes of the light fixtures could easily be likened to giant fungus found on dirt floors and tree stumps. In reality, they are made out of recycled paper.
Based in Mumbai, India, Material Immaterial Lab is undeniably inspired by nature. The designers reveal that the texture and specifics in character are influenced by everything, ,"from the form of the flowers to the translucence of ferns, the texture of mushrooms, softness of mosses and the strength of the nautilus.", they have all mesmerized us at some point of time in our lives. In these moments of revelation lies our inspiration for creating these sublime objects of daily use.
When it arrived to creating our suggestions into items, papier-mâché turned the preferred content thanks to its huge flexibility, toughness and very accommodating mother nature allowing us to incorporate subtract and make spontaneous enhancements in the kind. Because of to the distinctive layering procedure of handcrafting, every single of these parts accomplish their special texture and color, dependent on the type of paper utilized at various phases of development.Every single piece has been painstakingly handcrafted with utmost attention to detail and strives to seize the essence of nature.

Through the art medium of papier-mâché, Material Immaterial Lab is able to mimic these flora, thanks to its immense versatility and durability. Although not made for every home, Material Immaterial Lab's designs have a sculptural appeal that many will regard as art.These restricted version objects are a element of the collection ‘Organic’. 

Designers                               : Nitin Barchha & Disney Davis
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