The Symbiotic Green Wall
The Symbiotic Green Wall

The Symbiotic Green Wall has actually been designed and visualized as a hoarding by  Architects Kooho Jung & Hayeon Kelly Choi . It has the concept of a double-layer wall & has the shape of a funnel collecting rain water to flow away through a tube system. The waste water from the construction site also finds its way through here into the subterranean drainage. The collected water is lead back towards the surface and is spread across the building pit as a spray. The fine drops bind dust and clean the air. Apart from that, the tube system is lead into green zones attached to the wall.

All around the wall special hollow shafts are attached,so grass can grow vertically. These green isles work like natural air cleaners and serve as rest areas for the construction workers.A series of environmental sensors monitor noise, air quality, dust, vibrations and odors in order to provide a more pleasant environment. Visible indicators will also alert passersby and the construction site to the current environmental conditions. 

The Symbiotic Green Wall is an urban ecosystem designed to help buffer, protect and revitalize construction areas. The wall collects rainwater and wastewater from the construction site, filters and stores it, and then distributes it around the site. The external wall, which the public sees, has plant pods, sitting areas, shade, bird nests and lighting to provide a pleasant public outdoor place to enjoy. The wall itself acts as a water storage tank and planter, while the interior wall on the construction side has a sprinkler system to help maintain dust.

Architects                               : Kooho Jung & Hayeon Kelly Choi 
Source                                    :


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